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Get your SMSF ready for 30 June

The rules around SMSFs are strict and if you don’t do things the right way, your fund could end up paying extra tax

Tax Alert

Tax Alert June 2022

With attempted GST fraud on the rise and certain family trust payments under a cloud, the tax regulator is stepping up scrutiny of more transactions

Tax Offset

Tax Offset vs Tax Deduction: What’s the Difference?

Both can help reduce the amount of tax you pay each year, but a tax offset generally results in a bigger dollar tax saving than a tax deduction of the same amount. The key difference is the point at which they are applied to your income when calculating the final amount of tax payable. What…


Combine Your Super into One Account to Save

Before you change out of a super fund, there are few things you need to do


Federal Budget 2022-23 Analysis

A balancing act Billed as a Budget for families with a focus on relieving short-term cost of living

June 30

Avoid the Rush: Get Ready for June 30

Starting early is essential if you want to make the most of the opportunities on offer when it comes to your super and tax affairs


A Great Time to Reassess Your Career

The pandemic is fueling a trend that has become known as ‘The Great Resignation’ or ‘The Big Quit’


Tax Alert March 2022

New super and tax rules passed in Parliament


Investing in Your Health Pays Off

Investing in your health is one investment that keeps on giving


SMSFs and property: What are the rules?

Before you join the trend and start adding property investments to your SMSF, there are some important rules you need to be aware of

Home-Based Business

Tax Deductions for your Home-Based Business

Expenses claims for a home-based business will depend on how your business operates


Tips to Help You Achieve Your Professional Goals in 2022

Goals, they’ve either become so onerous that we don’t care anymore, or we simply don’t have the time – life and work often get in the way. How about professional targets, do you set yourself professional goals as well as personal? Do you consider how you’re going to work smarter this year, is work-life balance…


2021 Year in Review

For the second year running, the pandemic was the focus for policy makers, markets, businesses, and individuals alike


Single Touch Payroll (STP) Changes Ahead

Under STP Phase 2, employers will be required to report additional information on or before each pay day

Tax Alert

Tax Alert December 2021

Taxpayers need to be aware their financial affairs will come under renewed attention in the year ahead

Director ID

The New Director ID: Do You Need One?

If you’re a director or want to become one, you will need to apply for the new Director Identification Number


How the ATO Mines Your Data

Some of the most powerful computers in the country are matching data from just about every facet of a taxpayer’s financial life


Future Proofing your Career

By furthering your education, you’ll future proof your career and feel more empowered tackling the changes you face


Tax Benefits of Shares – Frankly Speaking

After falling off in the early days of the COVID pandemic, share prices and dividends bounced back strongly in the year to June 2021

Tax Alert

Tax Alert September 2021

The latest key developments when it comes to the world of tax


SMSFs Closing the Age and Gender Gap

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) have emerged from a difficult year stronger than ever


To Lease or Buy a Business Asset?

Whichever way you are leaning – buy or lease – it’s important to review your business cash flow, your future growth plans and the current business and economic outlook


Achieving Success Through Habits

Achieving Success – Out with the old, in the new

June 30

Counting Down to June 30

Make the most of strategies available to you to before June 30


Tax Alert June 2021

A roundup of some of the key developments when it comes to tax


Federal Budget 2021-22: Focus on Tax

A wide range of tax cuts and incentives for individuals and small business are designed to shift the economic recovery up a gear.


Good Records the Best Defence when the Tax Man Knocks

When it comes to the tax audit process, the ATO has significant powers


Stay Safe From Scams

While scammers can be conniving and convincing, it’s important to err on the side of caution


Tame Your Inbox For Greater Productivity

Rather than being ruled by your inbox, make email work better for you with a few tweaks

30 June

Avoid the Rush: Prepare Your Business for 30 June

Things to consider for 30 June


Tax Alert March 2021

Key developments occurring in the world of tax


Turning Redundancy Into Opportunity

If you are offered redundancy, how can you turn a potentially bad situation into a new opportunity?

Contractor or Employee

Contractor or Employee: Which Are You?

Deciding if you are a contractor or an employee can be complex


Soaring to Success in 2021

The start of a new year is a great time to reassess where you are in life, your career or business


2020 Year in Review

After the year that was, a return to something close to normal can’t come quick enough


Maybe Just Maybe, Christmas is a Little More in 2020

As we look towards the festive season after what has been quite a challenging year for many, we need to consider how this celebration too might change

Tax Alert

Tax Alert December 2020

A quick roundup of significant developments in the world of tax

Granny Flat

Granny Flats: Tax Tips and Traps

Considering building a granny flat on your property?


Federal Budget 2020-21 Analysis

How Will This Year’s Federal Budget Impact You?


Our Changing Relationship Status…with our Devices

It’s not just the time we are spending online that’s being impacted, our relationship with technology is evolving as we adapt to the changing world around us


Tax Alert September 2020

Many small business owners and sole traders will be breathing a sigh of relief following the extension of the JobKeeper scheme until March next year

Cash Flow

Cash Flow – Could your Business Do with a Boost?

The Boosting Cash Flow for Employers scheme is a temporary measure for small and medium-sized employers

End of Financial Year

End of Financial Year Checklist

Things to consider to ensure you’re on the front foot come June 30


Tax Alert June 2020

A roundup of some of the latest tax developments and support measures.


Is your SMSF Balanced?

One of the foundations of prudent investing is diversification


Leadership Through Challenging Times

Turbulent times can make good leaders great.


Getting Your Balance Back

Balance and a commitment to health and happiness is a lifelong commitment


Ins and Outs of SMSF Property Investing

If you are thinking about buying a property for your SMSF, you need to consider the investment issues involved


Tradies: How Does Your Insurance Measure Up?

Most tradies work in a far more dangerous environment than any white-collared worker, so the chances of an accident are greater. A report by a major Australian insurer in 2017 showed that the occupations with the most insurance claims are carpenters and electricians.i Cover for the self-employed To make the topic of insurance even more…

Small Business

Tax Concessions for Small Businesses

A key concession for small business entities is lower company tax rates


Recognising your Greatest Asset: You

The key to reaching great heights is recognising that you are one of your greatest assets


2019 Year in Review: A year of Highs and Lows

2019 delivered far better returns than Australian investors dared hope for at the start of the year


Holiday on the Horizon: Maximising your Break

Taking a holiday can replenish your physical and mental health, as well as increase your efficiency

Tax Alert

Tax Alert – December 2019

A roundup of some of the latest tax developments


Unwrapping the Joys and Pitfalls of Giving

Giving to those in need or to those you love can be rewarding but it’s important to understand the implications for both giver and receiver

Business Reporting

Get Some Wins on the Board with Effective Business Reporting

Knowing how to report effectively could be the way to business success.

Festive Season

Tax and the Festive Season

Plan your end-of-year gift-giving and celebrations

SMSF Rules

Keeping on the Right Side of SMSF Rules

Ensure your superannuation fund meets its compliance responsibilities

Small Business

Five Signs of a Well-run Small Business

Here are five simple steps you can take to ensure your business is running smoothly


Managing your Side Hustle

There are a few general rules for managing the finances related to your side hustle that you should consider


Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Mastering the art of negotiation could help reap the benefits in your business or personal life.


Positives and Negatives of Gearing

Negative gearing is here to stay

Carving up your GST

Carving Up Your GST

Personal versus business related GST obligations


Tax Alert – September 2019

Recent developments in the world of tax


The STP Reporting Clock is Ticking

STP is a key part of the ATO’s plan to digitise and streamline tax and super reporting

Life in Numbers

Your Life in Numbers

App culture has made it easier than ever to access and meaningfully collate and interpret data

Smart Ways to Invest

Smart Ways to Invest Your Tax Return

You can use your tax refund in a number of ways

Tax Debt

Getting on Top of Tax Debt

What happens if you don’t pay your tax debts

Clothing Claims

Tax Man Sizes Up Clothing Claims

Clothing deductions are likely to bring your tax return right under the ATO’s spotlight


The Power of a Mentor

Fostering a relationship with the right mentor can make all the difference in terms of your own professional development


Cruising Through the Finish Line – Tax tips for EOFY

Handy list of tips for both businesses and individuals for end of financial year

Tax Alert

Tax Alert – June 2019

The ATO’s Key areas of focus this financial year-end

After the Election

After the Election: Tax Changes on the Way

Significant reforms to Australia’s existing tax system


Is your Business Financially Fit?

There’s no better time to give your business a financial fitness check


Guide to Travel-related Work Expenses

Travel-related expenses you could be claiming


Are Stretch Goals Right for Your Business?

Before you take on a stretch goal it’s imperative to do an appraisal of your business’s resources and track record.

Single Touch Payroll

Are You Ready for Single Touch Payroll?

STP is the new “real-time payroll reporting” for the ATO

Federal Budget 2019-20

Federal Budget 2019-20 Analysis

Tax implications of the 2019-20 Federal Budget

Investing in Time

Investing in Time Pays Dividends

They key to getting results in any area of your life is to make sure you have a strategy

Less Taxing

How to Make Tax Time Less Taxing

Good tax planning is about more than simply maximising deductions

Tax Alert

Tax Alert – March 2019

A roundup of the tax news

Selling A Business

Selling a Business? Don’t Forget About Tax

The biggest tax issue to consider when selling a business is capital gains tax


Hanging on to that Holiday Feeling

Maintaining that positive, productive and energetic you

Car Expenses

Car Expenses on the ATO Radar

The rules around deductions for vehicles can be complex

Tax and Your Website

Tax and Your Website: What Can You Claim?

If you are planning to launch a new website or refreshing an existing one, it’s important to understand the tax implications

New Year

New Year – Same You, But Better

You don’t need to be a whole new you every year


2018 Year in Review

A financial review of 2018

Cash Flow

Keep Your Cash Flowing

What can you do to make the holiday season financially stress free

Online Retail

What to Watch as Online Retail Takes Off

The changing retail landscape can present numerous opportunities for savvy shoppers

Tax Alert

Tax Alert – December 2018

A roundup of the latest tax news

Living Longer

Living Better, Living Longer

Pushing the boundaries of our lifespans


Cashless Society: Two Sides to Every Coin

Australia is hurtling towards being a cashless society at a startling rate

ATO Attention

How to Avoid Unwanted ATO Attention

Simple steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of the ATO taking a closer look at you


Throwing Yourself in Deep to Improve Productivity

There are many ways to foster a mindset that encourages deep work

Tax Deadline

Don’t Forget Your Tax Deadline

While everyone is aware that June 30 is the end of the financial year, there is more uncertainty about who needs to lodge an income tax return and when it is due if you do.


Taking Philanthropy to the Next Level

Using charitable trusts to give in a more planned and tax-effective way

Protect Your Business

Protect Your Business Against Risk

Potential risks facing businesses today


Career Growth Through Networking

Utilising your different networks to develop your career

September Alert

Tax Alert – September 2018

A roundup of the latest tax news

Insuring Your Business

Insuring Your Business – Weighing Up the Cost of Risk

Every business is unique, but the risks they face and the insurance solutions fall into three broad categories